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Market Update - April 2022

Market Update - April 2022

date: 16th April 2022

Property sales have been strong in the initial months of 2022.

A good level of sales have been achieved however the prediction of this changing as a result of macro-economic influences, including political instability, both here and overseas and rising inflation factors may cause things to slow.

So who are we seeing in the market? 

Downsizing buyers: The downsizers are reliable and steadily present in the buying market as the
market continues to change. This demographic of buyers are often moving due to reasons that
aren’t necessarily their choice (health, death of a loved one or separation). Naturally this will be an
emotional transaction for them and will often take time & be a measured decision rather than
getting caught up in the haste of the market.

First Home Buyers: The first home buyers have been assisted with government grants, low interest
rates and the ability to buy with the lowest deposits in history however the rising inflation, costs of
living and property market have been against them.

Investors: These buyers have often realised the potential in the growing market, often using equity
in another property to purchase. With the rental crisis that we’ve experienced and the competition
this has led to it’s a good time to own an investment property.

Families/ Upsizing: The Family sector of the buying market are often moving from the first or second
home to the larger family home or relocating from another location for work, or lifestyle change. In
some instances if these buyers have already sold their property their capacity to buy often
outweighs that of the first home buyer, especially if they’re relocating from a capital city location.

There are divergent trends emerging across the country as some regions slow more quickly than others.

Eleanor Creagh, Senior Economist PropTrack